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Below are resources and articles pertaining to Markets for Private Forest Landowners

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Existing Markets

Forisk Market Report Oct. 2023

International Paper Announces Strategic Actions (Mill Closings)

Assessing Income and Risk of Incorporating Pine Straw Production into Slash Pine Plantations

Mill Investments and Closures in the U.S. South – Forisk

New Two Sides North America Survey Shows Improvement in Consumer Attitudes about Paper Products and the Environment- April 2023

Timber Trends Newsletter- May 2023

Emerging Markets

Portland’s New Airport Terminal Looks Like It’s From the Future – But It’s Built of Wood

Made in the USA – Atlanta’s 619 Ponce

Consider Biochar Benefits for Your Land

Research and Testing Lead to Historic Code Change
The History of Getting a Sustainable Tall Building Option—Mass
Timber—Approved in the U.S. Building Codes

Interactive Mass Timber Project Map

Glue Laminated Timber Markets to Reach $8.8 B by 2027


Weyerhaeuser Completes Sale of Initial Carbon Credit Offering

How Can Landowners Make Money from Carbon Credits: The Land Report

The Newest Airline Climate Solution? Burying Sawdust

4/17/2023: Weyerhaeuser WSJ Article “America’s Most Prolific Logger Recasts Itself as Environmental Do-Gooder”

Guidelines for effective climate smart forestry

Carbon Storage, Credit Markets, and Forests

How Carbon Flows Through Forests & Wood (graphic)

Units in Forest Carbon Numbers: A Primer

Working Forests Carbon Blueprint

Substitution Benefits of Using Wood (CORRIM)

Sustainable Forest Management: A Climate Mitigation Tool (CORRIM)


Texas Ecosystem Services: A Statewide Assessment

Orbis Campfire Session: Birdwatching on Private Forestlands

Georgia Bird Bookings – Georgia Forestry Foundation (

Understanding Payments for Ecosystem Services:
Opportunities for Forests, Water and Private Landowners in
Georgia and the Southeastern United States

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