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Forest Landowner Magazine is published bi-monthly and sent to all FLA members.

The November/December 2023 issue featured Arkansas landowners Ross and Mary Whipple.

Other articles include:

  • Mass Timber Building – Atlanta
  • Market Report
  • Cost & Trends of Southern U.S. Forests

The September/October 2023 issue of Forest Landowner Magazine featured Georgia Landowners Lee and Sonya Wright.

Other articles included:

  • Full Coverage of the 2023 National Conference of Private Forest Landowners
  • Woods & Whiskey Tour
  • Harvest Equipment
  • Market Report

The July/August 2023 issue of Forest Landowner Magazine featured Landowner of the Year, Reese Thomspon.

Other articles included:

  • FLA’s 2023 Award Winners
  • Spotted Owl Resurfaces in the Northwest
  • Conservation Easement Changes
  • Appraising the Appraisal Process
  • Do-It-Yourself Charcoal
  • Chainsaw Safety
  • Are We Ready to Prevent Tree Death Epidemics?

The March/April 2023 issue of Forest Landowner Magazine was the Succession Issue and Featured Pete and Lance Williams, Virginia Landowners.

Other articles included:

  • FLA Excited to Work with New Congress
  • FLA Remembers Mike Clutter
  • Death, Taxes and the Death Tax
  • Spilt the Farm or Split the Family?
  • Transferring Wealth
  • Tax Time

The May/June 2023 issue of Forest Landowner Magazine featured U.S. Congressman and Forest Landowner Drew Ferguson.

Other articles included:

  • FLA Pushes for Disaster Reforestation Act During Capitol Hill Visit
  • Landowner Guidance Released for Nothern Long-eared Bat
  • Forest Policy Institute 2020: Where Are They Now?
  • Market Report
  • Could You Offer Primitive Camping on Your Forestland?
  • Late Spring and Summer Wildlife Management

The January/February 2023 issue of Forest Landowner Magazine featured Michigan Landowner Jim Granskog.

Other articles included:

  • Forests in the Farm Bill
  • How Private Landowners Steered Gopher Tortoise Decision
  • The Carbon Credit Quandry
  • The 2022 Forest Year in Review
  • The 2023 Year Ahead
  • Forest Therapy

The November/December 2022 issue of Forest Landowner Magazine featured Peter Conner, Wisconsin Landowner.

Other articles included:

  • Historical Funding for Forests the Good and the Bad
  • Forest Carbon University
  • Improving Forestland Before Selling
  • Forestry and Inflation
  • Why Trees Die

The July/August 2022 issue of Forest Landowner Magazine featured Florida landowner Lynetta Usher Griner.

Other articles included:

  • Is Solar Farming an Option?
  • FLA’s 2022 Award Winners
  • Chesnut’s Anyone?
  • Sawmill Reopening
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