FLA Board of Directors


Board of Directors

FLA’s Board of Directors is the governing body for FLA. Board members serve 3-year terms.

FLA Executive Committee

Michael Crowell

FLA President
“We remained behind the scenes and that hurt us.  FLA brings our voice and issues to the forefront speaking for the larger constituency of landowners”

Lousiana Forest Landowner, 5th Generation

Lee Wright

FLA PresidentElect
“FLA’s track record on advocating for forest landowners’ private property rights and tax issues is outstanding.”

Georgia Forest Landowner, 1st Generation

Robert Crosby

Foundation Chairman and FLA Board Member

Louisiana Forest Landowner, 4th Generation

Hayes Brown

FLA Immediate Past President
“As a member of FLA for over 30 years, it’s an honor to serve on the board. It gives me a chance to give back to the association that serves my interests so well.”

Alabama Forest Landowner, 1st Generation

Alex Ingraham

Government Affairs Chairman
“FLA aligns with our family’s landowner ethic and long-term sustainable outlook for both the forest and family ownership.”

Maine Forest Landowner

Tom Margo

Membership Chairman

American Forest Management, North Carolina

Wayne Alexander

Finance and Budget Chairman
“FLA is the only national voice representing the private forest landowners of America.”

Texas and Louisiana Forest Landowner, 1st Generation

Barrett McCall

Nominating Chairman
“FLA is the pure voice for the ownership of forests. They are very effective for the size of staff and budget.”

Larson & McGowin, Alabama

David Foil

Markets Chairman

Forest Resources Consultants, Georgia

Scott Folk

At Large Member
“Roseburg values the work FLA does to represent our interests on both regional and national issues”

Roseburg, Oregon

David Hall

At Large Member
“FLA provides a singular but loud voice to policymakers about what we do, why we do it, and why they should care. They promote us as the true stewards of the forest.”

Mississippi Forest Landowner, Hall Timberlands 4th Generation

Gray Skipper

At Large Member

Scotch Plywood Company, Alabama

FLA Board Members

Red Baker

Board Member

University of Florida School of Forest, Fisheries, and Geomatics Sciences

Andy Barrs

Board Member

Georgia Forest Landowner, 2nd Generation

Earl Barrs

Board Member

Georgia Forest Landowner, 1st Generation

David Brazeale

Board Member

Arkansas Forest Landowner & Sawmill Owner, 3rd Generation

Jimmy Bullock

Board Member

Resource Management Service, Alabama

John Burlingame

Board Member

South Carolina Forest Landowner, 1st Generation

John Capriotti

Board Member

PotlatchDeltic, Georgia

Mary Clapp

Board Member

Arkansas Forest Landowner, 2nd Generation

Dave Donaldson

Board Member

Westervelt Company, Alabama

Dave Duncan

Board Member

BTG Pactual, Georgia

Wade Hall

Board Member

Stuckey Timberland, Georgia

Johney Haralson

Board Member

South Carolina Forest Landowner, 1st Generation

Troy Harris

Board Member

Director of Timber, Jamestown, Georgia

Greg Hay

Board Member

ArborGen, Arkansas

Will Hodges

Alabama Forest Landowner

Joe Hopkins

Board Member

Georgia Forest Landowner, 4th Generation

Chris Johnston

Board Member

IFCO Seedlings, Georgia

Hugh Lentile III

Board Member

MetLife Insurance Management, Tennesee

Cole McMillian

Board Member

Advance Land and Timber, South Carolina

Scott Mooney

Board Member

Resource Management Service

Joe Newton

Board Member

Lone Rock Resources, Oregon

Seth Palmer

Board Member

Prudential Agricultural Investments, Tennessee

Pete Prutzman

Board Member

Arkansas Forest Landowner, 1st Generation

Alex Richman

Board Member

Tennesee Forest Landowner, 4th Generation

Dag Rutherford

Board Member

Conservation Resources, New Hampshire

William Siegel

Board Member

Wisconsin Forest Landowner, 3rd Generation

Galen Smith

Board Member

Collins Pine Co, Oregon

Thad Taylor

Board Member


Steve Templin

Board Member

Louisiana Forest Landowner and Consultant, 1st Generation

Dave Tenny

Board Member

National Alliance of Forest Owners, Washington, D.C.

Marshall Thomas

Board Member

F&W Forestry Services, Georgia

Marc Walley

Board Member

Forest Investment Associates, Georgia

Mark Waterman

Board Member

Green Diamond Management Company, Georgia

Jason Watson

Board Member

ArborGen, South Carolina

Jane Williston

Board Member

Louisiana and Virginia Forest Landowner, 5th Generation

Lynn Wilson

Board Member

Maine Forest Landowner