Fighting for Private Forest Landowners in Washington

FLA’s Political Action Committee (PAC) is your voice in federal elections. Our goal is to ensure private forest landowners have a seat at the table in Washington, DC to advance commonsense policies.

Why is PAC Support Important?

How You Can Help:

The simplest way to help is to donate directly to the FLA PAC. Your support allows our team to attend important political events for current and upcoming candidates that will have a direct impact on future legislation. Your contributions go towards events and meetings to build lasting relationships with pro-forest policymakers. Additionally, joining a state SET to GO team, will keep you plugged into vital federal legislation and be the first to know of opportunities to meet with your Member of Congress.

To donate:
1.) Download the PAC donation form
2.) Mail the form along with your contribution to:
Forest Landowners Association PAC
406 Bradley Street | Carrollton, GA 30117

“FLA’s PAC is the tip of our spear to raise awareness of the challenges private forest landowners face while providing commonsense policy solutions.” 

Craig Anderson, FLA Director of Government Affairs

Want to learn more about FLA’s PAC? Contact FLA’s Director of Government Affairs, Craig Anderson at canderson@forestlandowners.com.