Forest Landowners


From traditional wood markets to new and emerging markets, FLA focuses on what matters to private forest landowners.

Strong markets are vital to the economic success of private forest landowners

Keeping an eye on the various market opportunities for private forest landowners is essential to FLA’s mission: To ensure an expanding economic climate that enables America’s forest landowners to prosper from their timber resources. Four major market categories have been identified as current focus areas: existing markets, emerging markets, carbon/climate and ecosystem markets.

Existing Markets

Existing markets include traditional wood markets such as lumber, pulp and paper, OSB/MDF, and panel products

Emerging Markets

Emerging markets include mass timber/CLT, Cellulose/Nanocellulose, Liquid Biofuels, Chemicals and byproducts, and Engineered wood products.


Carbon/Climate markets include carbon offset credits, carbon inset accounting, carbon in the built environment, carbon capture and storage, and the public perception of carbon. Learn more through our Forest Carbon University.


Ecosystem markets include wildlife habitat, native species restoration, forest restoration, water capture/storage, and the water cycle.