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Forest Landowners Association Applauds House Agriculture Committee’s 2024 Farm Bill Unveiling

The Forest Landowners Association (FLA) welcomes the release of the 2024 Farm Bill by the House Agriculture Committee. This pivotal legislation promises significant benefits for private forest landowners nationwide.

Crafted to bolster the sustainability and productivity of privately owned forests as well as many other important farm and nutrition-related policies, the bill stands to fortify the economic resilience of forest-reliant communities.  Key components of the bill target wildfire mitigation, forest health, conservation programs, and market access for forest products.

“We are thrilled that one of FLA’s policy priorities, the Emergency Conservation Program Improvement Act, was included in the bill’s framework, alongside initiatives championed by our esteemed national partners,” said Craig Anderson, FLA’s Director of Government Affairs. “Nonetheless, we recognize the importance of ensuring landowners have the safety net that they currently lack in order to recover and reforest after a natural disaster. We look forward to working closely with the Committee to address this critical issue and ensure that the final bill provides robust support for forest landowners grappling with escalating natural disasters.”

Private forest landowners play a vital role in managing and conserving America’s forests, covering more than half of the country’s forested land. The proposed measures encapsulated within the 2024 Farm Bill will provide essential resources and support to enable these landowners to continue their stewardship efforts.

FLA extends sincere gratitude to the House Agriculture Committee, Chairman Thompson, and Ranking Member Scott for their dedicated work in crafting this draft legislation. The bipartisan collaboration demonstrated in the bill’s development is commendable, and FLA eagerly anticipates collaborating with all stakeholders to fortify and perpetuate the legacy of America’s private forest landowners.

FLA’s Role in Crafting the Farm Bill:

Over the past two years, FLA has been advocating for the interests of private forest landowners demonstrating unwavering commitment to representing its members on Capitol Hill.

FLA’s dedication to amplifying the voices of its members was showcased through active participation in farm bill listening sessions convened by the House Agriculture Committee across key states including Florida, Maine, Minnesota, and Oregon. In a notable display of leadership, FLA stood as the sole forestry association present, underscoring its role as a leading advocate for private forest landowners.

Additionally, FLA spearheaded efforts to advocate for the inclusion of the Disaster Reforestation Act in the Farm Bill, collaborating closely with coalition partners. This endeavor culminated in a letter addressed to the Chairmen and Ranking Members of both the House Agriculture Committee and the Senate Agriculture Committee, emphasizing the urgency of this crucial legislation.

FLA’s proactive engagement further extended to fostering direct interactions with over 50 bipartisan Members of Congress. Notable figures included senior leaders such as Speaker Johnson, Chairman Thompson, Chairwoman Stabenow, and Ranking Member Boozman, among others. These engagements were facilitated through FLA’s past two Board Fly-Ins, which provided a platform for robust discussions on policy priorities.

In addition, FLA’s dedicated staff diligently conducted numerous meetings with Congressional offices, ensuring that the concerns of private forest landowners are not only heard but also given due consideration in the legislative deliberations.

“We are steadfast in our mission to champion the interests of private forest landowners,” remarked Anderson. “Our proactive engagement with policymakers underscores our commitment to ensuring that the voices of our members resonate throughout the legislative process.”

For further insights into the Forest Landowners Association and its advocacy initiatives, visit www.forestlandowners.com.


The Forest Landowners Association (FLA) is a national organization representing private forest landowners across the United States. FLA promotes the stewardship and sustainable management of privately-owned forests, advocating for policies and programs that support the economic and environmental benefits of private forest ownership.

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